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Boston, MA 02118

A certified guitar repair tech since 1990, Brant repairs electric, acoustic, and archtop guitars as well as electric and acoustic basses (not uprights), mandolins, and ukuleles.

Fast Service

You won't be waiting two or three weeks to get your axe back. In fact, many jobs are completed on the day they're taken in.

Quality Repair Work

Your guitar will receive the same attention to detail and the same care that Brant gives his own instruments. What's more, your guitar will be setup to YOUR specifications. You'll play it and it will be fine-tuned before you take it home, on the road, or wherever it's going.

Customers Speak Up

"I brought in my 20 year old Martin for a much needed overhaul - new frets, setup, fixing the bridge, putting in a new saddle. As someone who used to build guitars, I'm impressed with the quality of the work. The fret dressing is very well done. More smooth and comfortable than most stock jobs. I think this is the best this guitar has ever played. I'll definitely be back." - Joe B. (acoustic restoration)

"Just want to say thank you a billion for the work done on my PRS. The guitar plays and feels like new again. I am very pleased with it!!" -Rob P. (fret level & crown, setup)